how the unfuck yourself changed craig's life.

Craig's story is a testament to the power of transformation.

Craig’s story is a testament to the power of transformation. After years of feeling broken and unloved, he decided to take action and join the Unfuck Yourself Inner Circle program.

Through this program, he gained the
strength and courage to reach out to his dad after 35 years. When his dad responded with “I’ve always loved you,” Craig’s world was turned upside down. He realized that all these years, he had been telling himself a false story that no one loved him, and this had prevented him from loving himself. With the support of the program and his newfound sense of self-love, Craig is currently studying to become a breathwork facilitator.

Craig’s incredible journey is a shining example of the transformative power that comes from cutting ties with your old limiting beliefs. He proved that no matter how dark things may seem, hope for a brighter tomorrow is always within reach. It’s time to unbreak the chains of the bullshit stories that have been holding you back and experience the new, empowered version of yourself that’s just waiting to be set free.

With only 30 spots available
per program, the Unfuck Yourself program is filling up fast. Apply now to secure your spot and start your journey towards self-discovery and transformation.
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WOW I was riddled with stress and anxiety. But after just 2 weeks in the program, I started to see improvements me acting differently not waking up with anxiety stopped overthinking, wasn’t so reactive more calm and control over my life, everyone needs this.
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Insomnia ruled my nights, contently worried, and stressed, no direction, feeling lost being a mum, Kirsty and Beaus support is incredible. The community, the support the modules and the breathwork is life changing. I sleep better, have more energy, and feel less stressed, and have found the new me thank you!
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Before 'Unfuck Yourself,' I carried a heavy burden from my painful past, lacked self-worth and confidence, no idea who I was. This program helped me release emotions, heal deeply, and gain essential life skills. It's transformed my life, and I feel ready for anything!
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I attended one of your events in Sydney, and it was a game-changer! After over 10 years of therapy and trying countless other methods, nothing gave me the release and clarity that your breakthrough Breathwork did. I immediately signed up for your 8- week program. I'm ready to fully unfuck myself and your program is what ive been looking for thank you legends
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Man, wtf, that was so powerful, I've never had an emotional experience like that in my life. I've signed up for get your shit together. The whole world needs to know about this!
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I recently joined the 'Get Your Shit Together' program, and I'm blown away! The modules are mind-blowing, the realizations are crystal clear, and the breathing exercises have become a crucial part of my daily routine. This program is absolutely incredible. I'm eagerly looking forward to joining 'Unfuck Yourself' next!