and why work with us


You can think of us as a two inked up, burger loving, cocktail chasing, ice bathing, breathwork obsessed, raw AF authentic individuals who navigate through life with three children, three dogs high functioning ADHD, and anxiety all while thriving in two businesses! Wow, let me catch my breath for a minute!

In short, we are just two real people helping real people cut through the noise of life, process and heal the past all while soaring in to the future, in exactly the same way as we have done.

Hey, we're

Kirsty and Beau

just your everyday, inked-up, breathwork-obsessed couple, navigating life with three kids, two dogs, and our own battles, including high-functioning ADHD and anxiety, all while juggling two businesses, and whatever life throws our way. Buckle up, it's a wild ride!

In a nutshell, we're real people helping real people break through life's chaos, transform their past, and upgrade their future, much like we've done ourselves.

Kirsty's past was marked by attention-seeking behaviours, a life of alcohol, prescription medication, never feeling good enough, and domestic violence as a single mum. Her journey into self-development and self-discovery began at the age of 20.

With over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, Kirsty wears multiple hats: Breathwork facilitator, NLP Practitioner, Rites of Passage facilitator, Personal Trainer, Serial entrepreneur, and Marketing Guru, but above all, she's a partner, super mum, the most giving, kind compassionate all around boss babe we know!

On the flip side, Beau, the original founder

Was diagnosed with ADHD at the tender age of two. He was medicated until the age of fifteen, and ADHD became the scapegoat for all his challenges. This journey led him into a toxic ten-year relationship, which he stayed in due to a lack of self-worth, believing that no one else would love him. He surrounded himself with ego-driven peers, leading to internal hostility toward the world, emotional outbursts, and anger.

However, everything changed when he stumbled upon the transformative power of breathwork. It rewired his behavior, improved his relationships, and enhanced his overall well-being. Determined to share this life-changing gift with the world, Beau embarked on a journey into the art of breathwork, discovering a way to control his ADHD impulses, conquer intrusive thoughts related to anxiety, and prevent emotional outbursts without relying on pharmaceuticals.

Together, we're just two ordinary people with everyday lives, driven by an unwavering passion to help others transform their lives, all while drawing from our own personal struggles and triumphs. It's time to Unfuck your life and upgrade your future; let us be your guides on this transformative journey.


Myself and Beau are in your corner we are here 100% for you every step of the way YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.